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8 Myths About Heavy-Duty Truck Parts

8 Myths About Heavy-Duty Truck Parts

by Will Harris on March 07, 2022 Categories: News
No matter how durable the brand of your heavy duty truck is, you will still need to replace some of its parts at some point. Parts like clutch, brake pads, tires, and so on will eventually succumb to wear and tear and will stop functioning optimally. Thankfully, you can conveniently get a replacement part by simply ordering online or going to a heavy duty truck parts store. There are usually so many options to pick from that it’s almost impossible not to find a replacement. With so many options to select from when it comes to heavy-duty truck parts, it is easy to get overwhelmed. The misconception and myth surrounding the heavy-duty part industry even make the matter worse. To reduce this high level of confusion, we have rounded up eight common myths about heavy-duty trucks to help you make the right decision.

All Parts Are Created Equal

Many aftermarket parts may share a similar appearance to the genuine parts, but don't be fooled; the quality is usually not the same. The processes of manufacturing these parts are usually different. Manufacturers take into consideration the fit and functionality of the products being created. For instance, suppose a particular part has been created to satisfy the needs of a regular truck. If you purchase that part for your heavy-duty truck, even if it shares the same shape and fits perfectly just like the one you are looking to buy, it will result in a technical imbalance and consequently impact your fleet's function.

Pricing Is All That Matters

When shopping for parts, you are sure to find both the expensive and cheap versions. Some people often opt to get the cheap parts because they want to “save money.” If the cheap products happen to be substandard, it will disastrously impact the fleet's functionality. Cheap substandard parts often wear out faster than original spare parts; hence you may need to repurchase those parts in the future. Consequently, you may end up spending much more than you would have spent on pricier OEM parts. Pricing shouldn’t be the primary criteria for getting replacement parts. There are essential criteria like life cycle, functionality, and integration with the vehicle’s system that should be first assessed.

You Don’t Have To Go All Out For Older Vehicles

Most fleet managers believe that the older the truck, the less they should spend on fixing its parts. Unfortunately, this is not wise thinking. The age of the vehicle shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when getting replacement parts. Getting quality aftermarket parts for your older fleets may revamp them and cause them to work as effectively as new ones. But, if you get cheap substandard parts for your older fleet, it can worsen the fleet's condition and cause it to stop working altogether. Additionally, it can reduce the value of the fleet if and when you choose to resell.

Just Get A Good Brand

No doubt, some brands have worked hard on maintaining a good reputation by consistently manufacturing reliable products. However, that is still not enough reason to buy them outrightly. Buying a part is not about the brand name on the box but how well the part will fit well in your truck. Hence, the wise decision would be to ask your dealers and distributors to carefully inspect the products to ensure they are of excellent quality and suitable for your fleet.

Fleet Managers Can Source For Their Parts On Their Own

Ideally, fleet managers should have extensive knowledge of their fleet. This includes the type of parts they use. However, that doesn’t qualify them to source parts for their heavy-duty trucks. If you run a fleet management company, it is paramount to reach out to sourcing managers when there is a need to get a replacement part. Sourcing managers are intermediaries with a vast knowledge of different brands and parts. Often, a sourcing manager is a trusted auto parts dealer. When you need a replacement part, you can contact them, and they will provide you with the most suitable part and brand for your fleet.

Auto Parts Industry Is Regulated

You may think that all aftermarket parts available are expected to meet a standard; hence you can purchase any product. Sadly, that’s not the case. For instance, in North America, there are no minimum standards for parts sold. As a result, auto parts dealers are not obliged to sell a quality truck part. You would be on the safe side by trusting your sourcing manager to provide you with quality aftermarket parts.

Parts Must Be Obtained And Replaced At The Dealer

There is a notion that replacement parts should always be gotten from the original dealer or manufacturer. While this is good practice, it's not a must. You can get a product just as good from other aftermarket part distributions. It is even possible to get an aftermarket part that may be superior to the parts from the original dealer. The most important thing is to have a reliable supplier.

Rebuilt And Remanufactured Parts Are The Same

The process of remanufacturing parts is slightly different from rebuilding. In rebuilding, faulty parts are taken apart, cleaned, and fixed. If a replacement is necessary, the components that need changing are often substituted with components from other used parts. In the end, the part is restored, but the replaced components are not necessarily new. After the part has been taken apart, each component is returned to the original manufacturing facility for restoration. Before assembling, each piece would have been inspected and properly fixed. In some cases, the replacement components may even be brand new. As a result, remanufactured products are as good as new. Additionally, the replacement components of remanufactured parts are required to meet the OEM standard, but it may not be the case for rebuilt parts. In simple terms, remanufacturing is a much standard and comprehensive method of fixing worn-out parts. To learn more about heavy-duty trucks and their parts, you should browse through our website; https://www.affordablehtp.com. You will find tons of useful information there. Affordable Heavy Truck Parts 4901 Roy J Smith dr Killeen Texas 76543 254-220-4835 Social accounts https://www.facebook.com/affordablehtp