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Tips To Make Your Truck Eco-Friendly

Tips To Make Your Truck Eco-Friendly

by Will Harris on March 07, 2022 Categories: News

Due to climate change, it is important for everyone, including companies that operate heavy-duty trucks, to start adopting and encouraging eco-friendly practices. This could be in the form of quickly replacing damaged truck parts with high-quality truck parts to reduce carbon monoxide build-up or switching to hybrid options. As a fleet manager, you may fear that the adjustment needed to ensure eco-friendly trucks will incur more expenses. However, this is not true. Some companies have reported a reduction in their overall expenses after focusing more on being eco-friendly. Here are some tips that you can adopt to make your truck eco-friendly.

Organise Driver Training


It shouldn’t be enough that your drivers are qualified and experienced enough to drive. They need to be enlightened and trained on being eco-friendly with their driving. During the training, concepts such as smart driving, which covers avoiding abrupt stops that can cause the engine to burn more fuel, should be taught. Ultimately, the training should be aimed at producing environmentally-conscious drivers who will make responsible decisions during their trips.


Adopt A Reward System


One of the things you can do to ensure that your fleet is eco-friendly is by rewarding the most environmentally-conscious drivers with attractive incentives. By doing that, you facilitate healthy competition among your drivers. This competition will motivate your drivers to adopt greener practices, thereby making your fleet eco-friendly.


Plan Your Route Wisely


Optimizing your fleet’s route is of utmost importance when it comes to making your truck eco-friendly.


You can make your truck fleet eco-friendly by researching the fastest routes your drivers can take to reach their destination. The shorter the route, the less fuel used. This way, you will be reducing the carbon footprint of your trucks. Additionally, you will also save money by spending less on fuel.


Use Electronic Logging Device (ELD)


Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) can be installed in trucks to allow drivers to log in their driving hours easily. It is convenient to use and helps prevent paper wastage. As we all know, papers are made from trees. Therefore the more paper your drivers use, the more trees will be fell. This is quite harmful to the environment. Besides, ELDs are a one-time investment and will help save money in the long run.


Regular Truck Maintenance


Without the regular maintenance of your fleet, it may be counterproductive to take on other eco-friendly practices. For instance, if your fleet has a faulty engine, it wouldn’t matter that the drivers are responsible or that the routes taken are short. Either way, your trucks would burn more fuel, and that will lead to pollution. To avoid this,  you should regularly check the conditions of all the parts of your trucks and make the necessary repairs without any delays.


Do Tire Checks


Aside from the tire checks done during your regular maintenance, you should also do tire checks before every outing. Some of your tires may appear okay, but in reality, they may have low pressure. However, it may not be apparent as your engine will keep your truck balanced. As a result, it may not adequately carry the weight of your truck. But, the more work the engine has to do, the more fuel your trucks burn.


Recycle Your Tires


Whenever it is time to get new tires for your fleet, do ensure to recycle your old tires.  It is also not a good idea to burn your old tires as the smoke it gives off is acidic and very harmful. But you can recycle by simply taking them to tire retail stores or tire recycling facilities. Not only will you be preventing environmental pollution, but you may also get paid for recycling your old tires.


Use Biofuels


Biofuels are an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. They are made from renewable organic materials of plants and animals. They are a preferred option because they do not release toxic materials into the atmosphere. Although biofuels are sometimes much more expensive than fossil fuels like diesel, they are safer and help save the environment.


Upgrade Your Fleet


Upgrading your fleet doesn’t necessarily mean you are going electric. Instead, you can modify your trucks by adding aerodynamic parts. By doing this, the truck drives smoothly as your truck’s braking and turning ability are increased. You could also go for hybrid trucks when there is a need to increase your fleet. They work on both fuel and batteries. Subsequently, this helps reduce fuel consumption.


Do Not Overload Your Trucks


All trucks have their ideal carrying capacity. While it is possible to exceed the limit, it is not always the wisest thing to do. By overloading your trucks with extra materials, you give the trucks more work to do. Consequently, your engine burns more fuel by trying to keep up with the truck's weight. Not only will this increase your fuel consumption, but it can also lead to an eventual breakdown of the truck.


Only Use Air Conditioners When Necessary 


While it is understandable that your drivers may need to turn on the air conditioners during hot seasons, using AC should be regulated. Like some components of the truck, its usage can lead to burning more fuel. As a fleet manager, it might not be easy to control the unnecessary usage of air conditioners. Nevertheless, you can manage the situation by including lessons about it in your drivers’ training. This is not to say that there should be a complete ban on its usage, but rather an encouragement of its responsible usage.


When it comes to making your trucks eco-friendly, the primary concern is reducing their carbon footprints - that is, reduce or regulate your fuel consumption. So you just need to focus on this. To learn more about ways you can do this, feel free to go through our website



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