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To Buy Or Not To Buy Aftermarket Truck Parts

To Buy Or Not To Buy Aftermarket Truck Parts

by Will Harris on March 07, 2022 Categories: News


If you need to fix your truck, deciding whether to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket truck parts can be confusing. Understanding the difference between heavy-duty aftermarket truck parts and OEM parts and the pros and cons of each can help you make an informed decision the next time you need to repair your truck.


What are aftermarket truck parts?


Also known as generic parts, aftermarket parts are made by manufacturers different from the original vehicle manufacturer. Such parts are manufactured as new parts and not as replacement parts, as is the case for OEM parts. Aftermarket auto manufacturers use various elements to substitute the original manufacturer parts. However, they are generally similar in quality and reliability.


What are the benefits of using aftermarket truck parts?


Generic car parts are often preferred due to their affordability, availability, and quality. Here are the reasons why you should opt for aftermarket truck parts.


They are more affordable


The lower cost of aftermarket truck parts makes them a more affordable option for your truck repair needs. Aftermarket auto manufacturers make the exact model parts as original manufacturer parts without spending so much on research and development costs. This makes aftermarket truck parts much cheaper than OEM parts while still similar in durability and reliability.


There are various aftermarket truck parts


Buying aftermarket truck parts gives you more options to choose from. Many different companies manufacture aftermarket truck parts ranging in price and quality. More options in the market allow you to choose products that are more suited to your needs at competitive market prices. Moreover, where one company’s products are out of stock, you can still choose from other companies, thus fixing your truck's problems quickly.


Aftermarket truck parts are readily available


Suppose you encounter a malfunctioning problem in your truck while on the road. It will be convenient if you can get it fixed quickly at your nearest auto repair and body shops. Since aftermarket truck parts are compatible with different truck models, most mechanics stock them in bulk. Therefore, you can quicken the repair process by requesting aftermarket truck parts. Most aftermarket truck parts also feature lighter materials that are easier to install. Opting for OEM parts means the mechanic might need to order the parts from the manufacturer's shops which might take a few days to be available, hence more delays.


Some aftermarket truck parts have better quality


Given that you have a large pool of aftermarket truck parts to choose from, some of them are more durable and reliable compared to OEM parts. Aftermarket auto manufacturers spend years creating parts that fix the deficiencies of OEM parts, thus offering better quality to truckers at lower costs.


Disadvantages of aftermarket truck parts


Some truckers prefer using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for their vehicles due to the various benefits over aftermarket truck parts. Here are some cons of choosing aftermarket parts over OEM parts.


Inconsistent quality


Although some aftermarket truck parts might have better quality than OEM parts, many aftermarket manufacturers sacrifice quality and focus more on quantity and lowering the products' cost. Therefore, such aftermarket truck parts might be less durable, resulting in higher repair costs down the road.


Not approved 


Unlike OEM parts, most aftermarket truck parts do not undergo quality testing. OEM parts are taken through rigorous performance and safety tests before being availed to consumers. Moreover, installing aftermarket truck parts can void the truck’s service warranty.


Many aftermarket parts have no warranty


Unlike most aftermarket truck parts, OEM parts come with the manufacturer’s performance warranty. Therefore, if the OEM part does not function effectively, you can get a replacement without paying for it. If your aftermarket truck parts fail to perform as required, the manufacturer will not be liable for replacing them. This makes purchasing aftermarket truck parts riskier than sticking to OEM parts.


How to make the right choice


Whether to buy OEM or aftermarket truck parts will depend on various factors. Here are important things to consider before making your decision:


  • The type of repair: The type of repair needed on your truck will determine whether to choose aftermarket truck parts or OEM parts. It is recommended to use OEM parts for collision repairs compared to aftermarket auto parts. Although replacement parts from aftermarket manufacturers might be more affordable, they may not be a good fit for your truck.


  • Brand reputation: Knowledge of the various auto parts brands can help you make an informed decision on whether to choose aftermarket parts or OEM parts. Some brands are popular for having the best parts for a specific repair need. Such knowledge can help you save on repair costs by getting the aftermarket truck parts instead of the more costly OEM parts. If you don’t have experience and knowledge about auto parts brands, it is advisable to first research your truck’s best option. You can look up customer reviews on the companies’ sites to determine if the aftermarket auto parts function as advertised. Moreover, it is recommended to opt for aftermarket auto parts that have undergone quality testing or are backed by a performance warranty.


  • Your budget: Although it is recommended to prioritize quality, your budget will dictate whether you choose aftermarket truck parts or original manufacturer parts. Choosing affordable aftermarket truck parts can help you save on repair costs. It is best to consult your mechanic or a trusted auto parts store to get affordable and quality truck parts that solve your vehicle’s problems.


Generally, aftermarket truck parts can be an affordable and reliable option for your truck’s repair needs. Affordable heavy truck parts can help you select the best truck parts for your vehicle, all at affordable prices. Our team has highly skilled employees with years of experience in the auto parts industry and heavy-duty vehicles. We specialize in all the products we sell thus can help you make an informed decision before your purchase. Our affordable prices and dedicated service make us the best option for your auto parts needs. For more information on our products and services, visit our website


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