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What Are The Benefits Of Aftermarket Truck Parts?

What Are The Benefits Of Aftermarket Truck Parts?

by Will Harris on March 07, 2022 Categories: News

If your truck breaks down or malfunctions, it might become necessary to get some truck parts to repair it. Normally, your mechanic will let you decide between getting original equipment manufacturer (OEM) truck parts or aftermarket truck parts. The latter option comprises vehicle parts made from a manufacturer different from the original vehicle manufacturer. Aftermarket truck parts are generally substitutes for the original truck parts but are similar in efficiency and longevity. Here are reasons why aftermarket commercial truck parts are more beneficial than opting for original manufacturer truck parts.


Aftermarket parts give you more choices


You might have walked into a dealership and found very few manufacturer parts as a truck driver. Most original manufacturers tend to produce limited varieties of truck parts. Unlike manufacturer parts, you have more options to choose from with aftermarket truck parts. Using manufacturer parts means you are limited to the same piece your vehicle was assembled with. Aftermarket truck parts give you access to different manufacturers; thus, you can choose parts of different prices, quality, and other physical attributes. A big selection of car parts also means more competitive pricing and convenience.


Moreover, if one company’s aftermarket truck parts are out of stock, you can still purchase from other brands and solve your truck problems. Having more options allows you to choose the parts most suited to your truck’s needs.


They are widely available


Trucks are often on the move ferrying goods to different areas. Suppose your truck starts to malfunction and needs some repairs. In that case, you will need to access truck parts as soon as possible to fix your vehicle and get on with your duties. You can get aftermarket truck parts in local body shops, unlike manufacturer parts which can only be bought from car dealerships or specially ordered from the manufacturer.


Most original manufacturers also have few shops; thus, it might be difficult to get the parts you’re looking for, especially if they are closed. Using aftermarket parts allows you to fix the problem in your truck quickly instead of waiting for manufacturer parts. Many commercial truck companies have opted for aftermarket truck parts due to their availability and convenience during an emergency.


Aftermarket parts are more affordable


One main reason most truckers prefer aftermarket truck parts is the lower cost. Manufacturers of aftermarket truck parts copy the exact model of the vehicle parts while saving on production costs. This makes the price of aftermarket parts considerably lower than original manufacturer parts. A study from the Property Casualty Insurers of America showed that aftermarket truck parts can be up to sixty percent cheaper than manufacturer truck parts while still being of similar quality. Therefore, buying aftermarket truck parts can save you money on repairs and bodywork. Insurance companies also prefer aftermarket parts to cut costs since they are equally as safe as manufacturer parts.


Some aftermarket parts are of higher quality


There is a misconception that all aftermarket car parts are counterfeit products of lower quality. However, this is not the case. Whereas many manufacturers of aftermarket truck parts sacrifice quality to make their products more affordable, some aftermarket parts are of higher quality than the manufacturer's parts. Simply put, aftermarket parts that cost the same as original manufacturer parts are usually of better quality.


Most aftermarket auto parts manufacturers have consistently produced high-quality products over the years. Aftermarket parts are often designed to improve on weaknesses found in original manufacturer parts, making them more reliable and durable. For example, most aftermarket off-road bumpers are usually of higher quality than the original manufacturer parts that have a standard quality. Therefore, using aftermarket truck parts can extend the lifetime of the repairs instead of regularly making your way back to the auto shop.


Building personal relationships with sellers


Large-scale chain retailers often distribute original manufacturer parts, making it difficult to interact and establish a direct relationship with the seller. Such large retailers often serve big car dealerships and any other accessory buyer in the market. On the other hand, local aftermarket truck body shops regularly interact with the buyers. Most sellers form friendships with the truckers and even get them parts on credit. Truckers can also get advice on the best auto parts to choose for their repair problems while purchasing. These relationships are often useful in the long run as the truckers know where to find reliable truck parts and don’t have to waste a lot of time ordering original manufacturer parts.


You can get your truck back sooner


The same aftermarket truck parts can be used on any truck model, so most auto body shops and mechanics have them in stock. When truckers need repairs or bodywork on their vehicles, the mechanics can solve the problem quickly using the parts they already have. If customers request original manufacturer truck parts, the mechanic has to order them from the manufacturer, which can take some days to be available for use. Therefore, opting for the aftermarket truck parts can considerably hasten the repair process and get your truck back functioning as soon as possible.


Aftermarket truck parts have filled a void for truckers due to their availability and affordability. If you need aftermarket truck parts, reach out to Affordable Heavy Truck Parts. We are a family-owned business that has served truckers across Texas for many years. We understand how important it is to get you back on the road quickly; thus, we will promptly get you the aftermarket truck parts you need.


Our team comprises experienced and highly skilled employees who understand every aspect of medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, we know what truck parts you might need to fix any problems. No matter the questions you might have, you can trust our experts to have all the right answers. Moreover, all our products can be delivered directly to you for your convenience. If you’re ready to save money and time, reach out to us today on our website https://www.affordablehtp.com/.


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