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Heavy-duty trucks require regular maintenance and repairs to ensure they are operating optimally. The thing is, the truck parts market is ridden with an unimaginable number of brands, giving the consumer a hard time finding the best ones. We can agree it is challenging for the average person to understand each truck parts brand and the benefits it carries for their truck.


For this reason, many sellers will take advantage of and rip off naive consumers with substandard or overpriced parts and a false promise of quality. In this article, we will describe the differences between OEM and aftermarket heavy-duty truck parts by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Factors to Consider When Buying Parts

Before we even look at how different these two types of truck parts are, we need to establish some factors we believe every consumer should consider while finding parts. They include;

  • Quality - Before going for a specific part, you first need to ascertain its quality and how it will affect the operations of your truck. Although the difference in appearance between aftermarket and OEM parts can be absurdly slim, going the extra mile to understand the engineering in the part and the overall performance boost it gives to your truck is vital.
  • Value - When you think of value, you need to establish if going with a particular part for your truck will get you a return on your investment. You should remember that cheap is not always quality and quality does not have to be expensive. With the amount of competition in the market today, find a way to get back what you invest for your fleet.
  • Accessibility - Let’s be realistic for a moment, when a truck breaks down, there’s a limited timespan to be on the market for a replacement. In most cases, as a consumer, you’ll always go with the most convenient parts to find especially if you are operating on a deadline. 


Aftermarket Heavy Duty Truck Parts

These are truck parts that are manufactured by other manufacturers and not those who made the truck. This is the most common way parts are made in the market with huge benefits for companies and consumers. What do I mean? Many trucks are assembled by companies using parts from outside manufacturers. When buying in bulk, the truck manufacturers will often get the parts at discounted prices, making it easy for them to price affordably. 


Aftermarket parts can be categorized as either genuine or generic depending on their quality. At Affordable we use genuine parts that have well-engineered high-quality materials to solve problems with the original parts. On the contrary, generic parts are built with substandard technology and poor materials that don't provide solutions. 


To understand if aftermarket parts are the best for your truck, we have prepared several benefits and problems associated with them.



  1. Affordability - Aftermarket parts are mostly affordable, thereby saving the consumer a ton in repair and replacement costs. Due to the nature of mass production and market competition, aftermarket parts are priced competitively, and getting a deal on bulk purchase is very possible.
  2. Accessibility - Unlike OEM parts, the aftermarket is a wide market that is filled with similar parts with some varying advantages from one another. This provides you as the consumer with a time-conscious approach when looking for parts. 
  3. Can be better than OEM parts - Although most people may be wary of aftermarket parts by viewing them as unsafe or substandard, in most cases, they are the most efficient both in performance and cost. Some motor insurers prefer aftermarket truck parts and not the original brand manufacturers’.
  4. Variety of options - Due to the vast number of aftermarket truck parts, you are exposed to a variety of options to choose from depending on your needs and budget.



  1. Easy to be ripped off - The number of third-party part manufacturers is overwhelming and separating genuine parts from generic ones can be a headache. This can give part suppliers the opportunity to rip you off, especially if you are a truck parts novice. The best way to avoid buying faulty parts for your truck is to look for quality assurances and get parts from companies with many years of experience.
  2. Short warranties - This can be credited as a big problem in the aftermarket industry. Manufacturers don't provide extended warranties compared to OEM, which can be challenging or impossible to track down due to the complicated chain of distribution. Most aftermarket parts have a 1-year warranty that covers any damages that are caused by a failure in operation.


OEM Heavy Duty Truck Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These are the same companies responsible for manufacturing the truck together with their replacement parts. To get the parts, the manufacturers have outlets they control or licensed shops that sell the product. Since they are made to fit a specific purpose in the truck, they integrate well with your truck as a whole, making them the best choice for long-term use.



  1. Manufacturer quality assurance - OEM parts are made with the same design and precision to perform a specific purpose. They perform much better when compared to most aftermarket parts because they are made by the people who manufactured the truck itself. This provides a sense of safety for your truck and its parts.
  2. Easy to select parts - When looking for original parts, you will likely have an easier time browsing through the selection of your truck brand. When compared to aftermarket, you are guaranteed to find a match from the few variations available in the store.
  3. Extended warranty - part manufacturers can guarantee its service because they trust the engineering made to fit the truck’s operation. This allows you to enjoy an extended warranty of safety and performance from OEM truck parts when compared to aftermarket ones. 



  1. Expensive - OEM truck parts are expensive compared to aftermarket. This comes with the truck brand you drive and if the truck manufacturer is popular, the cost of replacing a part can dent your bank balance.
  2. Limited supply - Since not many distributors are allowed to sell the original part or due to the complicated licensure from the manufacturer, the supply of OEM is limited to the manufacturer’s ability.

While finding the best replacement for your truck needs can be time-consuming, this guide can help you establish what is right for you depending on your budget and preference. Check out for premium and affordable truck parts.


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