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Owning a vehicle comes with many responsibilities. You need to care for and maintain it to ensure smooth running. One of the best ways to ensure proper maintenance is to repair and replace semi truck aftermarket parts when they become faulty. When it comes to parts replacement, there is a high chance that you may be offered cheap and expensive options and an even higher chance that the more expensive option is a genuine part. There are many advantages to choosing genuine car parts. Aside from the safety guarantee, you can also expect more performance, reliability, and durability.


If you have come across terms like OEM, OES, and aftermarket parts during your search for vehicle parts, this article explains what these terms mean.


What Are OEM Parts?


OEM parts stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. A third-party contract manufacturer specifically made these parts, but the parts carry the automobile maker’s brand. This means that a licensed third party has manufactured these parts for the brand. For example, many automakers may rely on a company X to build their OEM parts, e.g., the water pump. So, if you are buying a water pump for your vehicle, you may need to purchase the one manufactured by company X, the licensed manufacturer.


What Are OES Parts?


OES stands for Original Equipment Supplier parts. For example, the water pumps manufactured by company X for your vehicle but carrying the vehicle brand’s logo then it is an OEM part, but the water pump carrying the company X logo is an OES part.


What Are Aftermarket Parts


Aftermarket parts are not made by the manufacturer; they are made by a third-party company using specifications from the manufacturer. Many times there are differences both in quality and in design. But the specifications are usually the same as the manufacturer. 


Differences Between OEM and OES Parts


For clarity, there are no differences between OEM and OES parts. They cannot be told apart from one another in terms of design, functionality, and performance. The similarity across the board is because the parts are manufactured by the same company and built to the same specification. The main difference, however, is in the branding.


Vehicle manufacturing companies trust OES manufacturers to meet the highest standard of quality and specification. These same standards are maintained in the production of their in-house parts, which are then branded. Suppose you are looking to buy vehicle parts; in that case, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying an OEM or OES part because they offer the same performance, durability, quality, and specifications.


Which Parts Offer the Most Value for Money: OEM or OES?

The best way to reduce your overhead cost is to go directly to the manufacturer in the business world, and this is exactly what happens with OEM and OES parts. Cutting out the middleman will save you some money that can be repurposed into other ventures. This rule is the same when buying vehicle parts. Buying from a dealer or wholesaler adds to your overall cost. 


But this is not possible for everyone; we cannot all go to the manufacturer directly. They may be far away from your location, or the parts are only cheaper if you buy in bulk. However, you have other options; you can cut out the markup by buying aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are often offered at a lower price while providing the same quality as OEM and OES parts if you work with the right company. Unlike new parts, which are often costlier because of the middleman markup and the brand identity associated with them, aftermarket parts can be cheaper and easier to customize. 


Benefits of Choosing Aftermarket Parts

As stated earlier, aftermarket parts offer the most value for money. However, below are some other reasons why you should choose them:


Less Expensive: Aftermarket parts are often offered directly into the market by licensed manufacturers, thus reducing the supply chain players and the overall cost of the parts. On the other hand, OEM parts are often more expensive because they go through the manufacturer to the brand, who then decides the new price of the product at a markup. If you are looking to buy genuine parts at the best prices, aftermarket parts are the best option for you.


Aftermarket Parts Often Offer Slightly Higher Quality: Buying aftermarket parts give you a chance to enjoy the same quality or slightly higher quality parts compared to OEM products. This is because the aftermarket companies often study the defects in the OEM parts and improve on those areas in their design. This means that you may be getting more performance, less noise, higher durability, or increased efficiency out of the aftermarket part. In most cases, aftermarket parts are not produced in large volumes compared to the direct manufacture because their market may not be as large. This gives the aftermarket company an opportunity to focus on quality instead of quantity.  


Variety: Variety is the spice of life. With OEM parts, you are confined to a stock part that the manufacturer has recommended. On the other hand, aftermarket parts offer a range of varieties, so you have a greater pool to select from.


Better Availability: If you’ve ever purchased an OEM part, you’ll be familiar with the wait time and scarcity. With OEM parts, you may have to wait for weeks before your parts are delivered or the repair is completed. Furthermore, if you have an older car model, the part may be out of production entirely. However, you stand a chance to enjoy better availability and faster repairs with aftermarket parts.



Why You Should Rely on Genuine Aftermarket Parts


Having understood that there are really no differences between aftermarket, OEM, and OES parts, you should understand the importance of investing in genuine parts. With many cheap aftermarket counterfeit parts on the market, you may be enticed by the lower price from some companies that do not focus on quality, but have you considered the value offered if you are looking for a cheaper alternative? 


When the value is considered, aftermarket parts from the right manufacturer offer more value and are more durable. This means that you may spend more money replacing the counterfeited parts compared to what it would cost you to buy genuine aftermarket parts. To gear you towards the right decision, below is more information about counterfeit products.


What Happens When You Use Fake Aftermarket Parts?


Asides from compromising the performance and safety of your vehicle, fake or counterfeit parts can also increase the wear and tear of your vehicle, expose it to unexpected malfunctions, and more. Many vehicle owners have experienced unexpected stops caused by fake parts. In other cases, fake parts may lack the right quality and/or specifications, thus leading to even bigger damage that’ll cost more to repair. Knowing how to differentiate between fake and genuine parts can help prevent all of these problems. Choosing the right supplier or dealer can also help.


Other things to watch out for include genuineness and quality of hologram stickers, RFID electronic tags, Certificate of Authentication, etc. To save you the stress of confirming these yourself, you can choose to buy genuine aftermarket parts from a trusted source by visiting

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