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Heavy-duty (HD) coil springs require low maintenance and thus are suitable semi truck parts for vehicles hauling massive amounts of weight. Truck owners often install HD coil springs on front axles with suspensions. The suspensions have separate coils and shock assemblies to further support the truck’s weight. Moreover, coil springs elevate trucks when carrying heavy loads, preventing sagging and increases their stability. Let’s look at the reasons for installing HD coil springs and why many truck manufacturers recommend them.


Reasons For Installing Heavy- Duty Coil Springs


Individuals upgrade their vehicles to heavy-duty coil springs for various reasons. However, it depends on the type of automobile and the needs of the owner. As we have mentioned, HD coil springs can alleviate sagging. But the main installation reason is to absorb excess pressure from the weight of the load, which inevitably increases the truck’s load capacity. 


The Spring Rates Are Too Low For The Engine’s Weight


Several trucks or even RVs (particularly those running on diesel) have spring rates that are too low for their engine's weight and the vehicle's cargo. As such, they tend to droop toward the front, which can worsen with time. Luckily, you can fix this drawback by installing heavy-duty coil springs to raise the front; this equally functions and is an excellent alternative to leveling kits.


To Support Snow plows


Most HD coil springs typically support snow plow installation on trucks—a snowplow and its mounting rig’s weight range from 400 pounds to over 1,000 pounds. Hence, the additional weight can lower the truck's front end. As a result, your vehicle may be more unstable with the reduced ride height; this makes getting to and from driveways more challenging and eventually damages the plow brackets.


Adding HD Coil Springs To Accommodate Modifications


From winches, custom bumpers, brushing guards to wheel carriers, all these modifications can add weight to your vehicle's front that wasn't factored in during the initial installation of your springs by the manufacturer.


Increasing your coil spring volume will assist you in restoring the ground clearance to its default state and restore the suspension sacrificed with the increased weight that drags a truck's front down.


Heavy Content Carried By Your Truck


A truck’s weight is directly proportional to the type of load it’s carrying. Thus, sagging can occur at its back or front, depending on the load’s type and weight. When you switch to heavy-duty coil springs, it can restore your vehicle’s balance by evenly distributing the weight across the truck.

Types Of Coil Springs


Several HD coil springs come as either variable or constant rate alternatives. As a result, the coil winding for a truck is customizable. But before you select HD coil springs, it is essential to remember that the type of truck and the weight of the loads you carry play a significant role in determining the best-suited one for you. 


Variable-Rate Coil

Variable-Rate Coils suspensions are pretty standard because of their many benefits. The coils on these springs are not evenly spaced, and their deflection rate rises whenever the spring is compressed. Moreover, they can stiffen fast, which allows them to absorb tiny levels of force while maintaining their strength of withstanding high force demands. 


Nevertheless, their drawback is that they require longer progressive springs to achieve a similar overall displacement like linear compression springs.


Constant Rate

Coil springs with a constant rate encompass steady winds across them. Compared to variable rate coils, the truck’s weight gets distributed uniformly, and they compress less under pressure. Heavy transporters hauling additional weight routinely utilize constant rate springs because they can withstand the excess strain while reducing the truck’s sagging. 


Standard Or Increased Elevation Options

You can consider the option of adding raised coils whenever you're upgrading from standard coils to HD alternatives. If you're thinking about getting leveling kits, raised-height heavy-duty springs can provide you with both.


Lifted Height


If you're already replacing your front-end coils, you can get the extra advantage of the leveling kits by utilizing coils with height lifters. The benefits of raised coils (elevations of up to 2.5 inches) include sturdier coil springs with an added advantage of aesthetic appeal. You should also take into account that vertical adjustments of 2 to 2.5 inches will undoubtedly need the installation of good shocks in addition to lifted coils.


Stock Height


Several HD coils are intended to retain the truck's riding height at the factory setting; this enables the increase in the weight capacity of the truck. As a result, they simultaneously give the vehicle a raised look. RV trucks can take advantage of this as these stock height coils at their fronts elevate the vehicle further, allowing for a larger load. 


Weight Implications


Whenever you're selecting a replacement coil spring, you should weigh the coil-sprung suspension of your vehicle at public scales or recycling centers to know the operational weight of your truck.


If you're looking for the toughest coils available, it is important to consider the types of loads you carry. If you do not select the right coil spring, your truck could end up exceeding its capabilities. Therefore, running the risk of having an excessively rigid truck. Which in turn would make it unstable and an accident risk.


Contrarily, installing poor-quality coil springs may not be sufficient in resolving the sagging issue. Therefore, learning about your truck's weight when carrying a load and empty can help your purchase and set up the right coil springs for your needs. 


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